A/C Maintenance: How To Replace Your Air Conditioner’s Air Filter

Air conditioners have always been popular, but they used to be expensive to buy and costly to operate. These days they are cheaper to buy. It is not so bad if you live somewhere where you need heating for three months and cooling for three months, but if you live somewhere where you have one unit or other running twenty-for hours a day, seven days a week, it is still costly.

removing-air-filterHowever, the comfort that they give to your life is remarkable. But, the thing to bear in mind is that air conditioners, like all machines, do require servicing. That is, the actual moving parts, lubricants and other fluids have to be checked professionally every two years (or whatever it says in your instruction manual). There are other parts though that need to be checked more the air being cleaned properly.

The good news is that you can do this maintenance yourself. I am talking about the washable air filter. All good, modern air conditioning units come with an in-built filter. It depends on the sophistication of your air conditioner, what its filter can trap, but most will filter small particles such as pollen and traffic pollution out of the air it is circulating in the room.

These filters need to be cleaned or replaced fairly regularly and you will have to check your air conditioner’s manual to find out what you can do. Frequently, it will say that they can be cleaned two or three times with either soapy water and a tooth brush or vacuumed clean. After that they have to be replaced, in order for the unit to be completely effective.

If you need to replace your air filter, you may find the following advice useful.


The best place to start is either the main dealer for your brand of air conditioner, the people you bought it from or the firm who fitted it for you. At least, you know you can trust them, even if it is only a case of ‘better the devil you know’. Many of the stores that sell other brands of air conditioner may stock filters for your sort as a sideline too.

You are already making use of the Internet, so that is another good place to check for current prices and bargains, before you go traipsing around town. ‘Fore-warned is fore-armed’, as they say. You can utilize the price knowledge you acquire from your Internet surfing as a bargaining tool to get the best price locally.

If that does not work or you just cannot be bothered, order on line and your air conditioner filter will be with you in a few day anyway. By the way, like with vacuum cleaner bags, it is normally better to buy several at a time. For example, if you know that they will withstand three washes, then each filter will last four months. Why not buy three and be done with it for a year?

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