Bouncing Back’s Garage Organization Ideas for Under $50

Bikes, Skates, and Other Wheels


Bicycles, skateboards, scooters, and rollerblades– wheeled possessions can get underfoot and land you on your possessions or bang up the automobile. Protect your paint job (not to mention your backside) with these crafty storage options for your garage:

  • Hoist bicycles to the rafters with a rope-and-pulley system (starting around $40) that makes it simple to raise the bike and lock safely in place. When you’re ready to ride, release the lock and lower your bike to the garage floor. You’ll need an hour or 2 and fundamental devices to secure the pair of pulleys to ceiling joists and thread the ropes. (Comparable hoists are available for kayaks or small boats; beginning around $25.)
  • Avoid unintended skateboard “techniques” with a specially created wall rack that makes it easy for children to disconnect helmets and skateboards together; starting around $20. Protect this one to wall joists in less than an hour.
  • Keep scooters and bikes out of the way with tool hooks installed on a length of 1-by-6-inch lumber. You’ll pay $3 for each pair of vinyl-coated screw-in device hooks and $1 per foot for lumber. You’ll need only an hour or two to secure the lumber to wall joists and screw the hooks into location along the board.

Sporting Products


Active pursuits require a great deal of equipment that ends up in the garage. These organizers help clean up all those sports balls, rackets, bats, gloves, clubs, fishing rods, and other outdoor fun-related goodies:

  • Combine rounds and bats on a convenient cake rack geared up with hangers that hold gloves too; starting around $35.
  • To keep your garage organization from going downhill, tuck away two pairs of snow skis, poles, and boots in one convenient steel ski rack; $45. Securing this rack to wall studs assists it hold the weight of the devices. If you can’t place it on studs, utilize wall anchors for a secure installation. You can do the job with or without anchors in an hour or two.
  • Make a port for your fishing pole by suspending two wire racks from your garage ceiling about 5 feet apart, then threading the rods through the openings. Use racks left over from a task or buy a 4-foot-by-16-inch vinyl-coated wire shelf for less than $9, and saw it in half crosswise (or clip with bolt cutters) to make two 2-foot racks. Snip extra wires where you require larger slots to accept pole handles or reels.



With a little imagination, you won’t require specifically created storage to organize your tools.

  • Easily hang wrenches and bungee cords making use of an ordinary vinyl-coated wire tie-and-belt rack, readily available at huge box suppliers; $8.
  • Metal tools hold on to a magnetized rail, keeping items in view and simple to recover; starting around $30. Simply screw the rail to wall studs to securely hold the weight of the devices (it’s an idea you might be drawn to.)
  • Cushion and safeguard devices by padding your toolbox drawers with a soft, non-slip liner. The open-weave design keeps moisture away and prevents tools from rolling around. Enough material to line eight average-size drawers is $15. Simply cut the liner to length to fit and slip it into the drawer.
  • Organize little items– such as pencils, box cutters, and measuring tape– by stashing them in electrical junction boxes; about $2 each (complimentary if you have spares). Purchase a range of shapes and sizes and protect them to studs or pegboard.

Backyard and Garden Equipment

organized garage

Rakes, ladders, clippers, shovels, and sprays– a host of products keep your yard and garden looking lush and well-cared-for, but your garage? Not a lot. Keep your garden and landscaping devices organized with these novel storage solutions:

  • Transform an old cabinet into an awesome garage storage unit on wheels. Pursue an old four-drawer filing cabinet for a few dollars at a yard sale. Get rid of the drawers, turn it on its backside, and use a couple afternoons to use paint and pegboard sides. Less than $25.
  • Hold heavy tools, long-handled implements, ladders, and more. Long steel rails with extruded holes mount high on the garage wall and secure to studs. Arrange a series of hooks and pegs on the rail to hang huge devices. Two 48-inch rails cost $22.
  • Protect a wooden pallet to wall studs to develop a pocket for holding long-handled garden tools. To find complimentary wooden pallets, consult regional companies as well as online classifieds, such as Craigslist. Cost: Free.
  • Keep bottles of fertilizers, repellants, and lubes upright and easy to retrieve. A can rack ($15) prevents cans and bottles from tumbling off racks.

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